Shaun Donaldson, Author at Security Boulevard

Bitdefender Releases Landmark Open Source Software project – Hypervisor-based Memory Introspection

Bitdefender contributes unique technology to the open-source community Hypervisor-based Memory Introspection (HVMI) is a sub-project of Xen Project We continue commercial support of GravityZone Hypervisor Introspection Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection has been in a class of its own since the solution was launched. The gist of it is this – get ... Read More

Bitdefender Researchers Discover New Side-Channel Attack

This new speculative-execution-based attack exploits flaws in the CPU architecture to potentially leak information from protected memory Dubbed LVI-LFB (Load Value Injection in the Line Fill Buffers), this is a novel attack (CVE-2020-0551) Bitdefender has developed a synthetic Proof of Concept which demonstrates the viability of this new attack Existing ... Read More

Defend Your Organization from Browser-based Attacks with Bitdefender Browser Isolation

The web is a dangerous place, but denying end-users access isn’t realistic Isolate browsers from end-user systems via application virtualization Secure virtualized browsers to protect against attacks in high-risk scenarios The Web is a Dangerous Place Which Users Need ... Read More

Double Kill, a prodigy of zero-days, and what we can learn from it

In late April, a Windows zero-day attack was discovered in the wild that affected all supported versions of Windows. Microsoft released a patch on May 8th to address the issue. This zero-day, dubbed Double Kill, exploits a VB script vulnerability, and potentially affects any system from Windows 7 onwards, including ... Read More