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HTTP/2 Will be Automatically Enabled by Default on the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform

HTTP, the foundation for data communication over the web, wasn't designed for delivering the rich content that is common in today's websites. HTTP/2, which represents a major update to the HTTP network protocol, has been introduced to deliver such websites and provides a significant improvement in the performance, security and ... Read More
Offload API governance to the edge to convert every Edge server into an API Gateway

API Gateway — Secure API Traffic with OAuth 2.0 and Cache GraphQL Responses

APIs are the connective tissue between software and modern digital experiences, and they must be exposed to consumers in a way that prevents misuse. This means your APIs must have appropriate governance (authorization, authentication, quota management policies) to prevent consumers ... Read More

New State of Online Retail Performance Report Available

It's springtime, and the only people with the holidays on their minds are in the retail business. This holiday season was a record-breaking one, with combined revenue for Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone exceeding $11.5 billion. To build on ... Read More

Significant retail spending on Mother’s Day sets a stage for major holidays in 2018

The second Sunday in May is a special day for everyone because it's Mother's Day. It's also a special day for retailers, as it represents another peak period and serves as the halfway point between the prior year's Black Friday ... Read More
Make way for HTTPS - Starting July 2018, Google Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as "not secure"

Make way for HTTPS – Starting July 2018, Google Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as "not secure"

Days of clear-text HTTP, the original but insecure foundation for data communication over the web, are numbered. Over the past few years, Google (and others such as the Internet Architecture Board, Mozilla, and Apple) have nudged developers to encrypt and ... Read More
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Increased mobile engagement a key catalyst for the best-ever holiday season

2017 was a year of epic proportions that broke numerous retail records worldwide. The stage was set earlier in the year by Amazon's Prime Day, which became Amazon's biggest day ever by generating over $1 Billion in sales (60% increase ... Read More