Blockchain and Bitcoin technology

How Blockchain helps protect your data from hackers

There is a great deal of noise around right now in the IT world regarding Data Science and Big Data. Many new job roles are being created in Data Science related roles including in the field of Information and IT Security. Within all this there is a newly emergent data ... Read More
Joomla Website Security Advice

How to strengthen your Joomla site’s security

Thanks to its ease-of-use and extensibility, Joomla is used all over the world to power websites of all shapes and sizes. Best of all, this award-winning CMS (Content Management System) is an open-source solution, which means it’s freely available to everyone. Great news for web developers that like to share ... Read More
 WordPress comes of age

The rise of WordPress, now more secure with Security plug-ins?

Popular website development platform WordPress is now used in over 25% of all of the world’s websites! This is an amazing feat for an open-source platform that was only born on May 27th 2003, the blink of an eye in web technology circles! It has now surpassed other favoured development ... Read More