Why do we need penetration testing?

Website Penetration testing basically describes the technical process of attempting to gain access to IT resources without knowing usernames and passwords, or other access routes, it covers testing of all these gateways to your precious data! Bear in mind that any hacker’s ultimate objective is gaining access to important data, ... Read More

Kali Tools Tutorials For Web App Testing

Learn how to use the tools available on Kali Linux when performing advanced web application assessments. Official version available on Kali Linux website. 1) apache-users Package Description This Perl script will enumerate the usernames on any system that uses Apache with the UserDir module. apache-users Homepage | Kali apache-users Repo ... Read More
Cyber Attack Origins

Cyber Attack Statistics

Ever wanted to know where cyber attacks are coming from when they hit your business? Take a look at Tripwire’s awesome infographic which has a nice breakdown of the most common origins of cyber attacks. [...]Read More ... Read More