CSOs and CFOs; The World’s Next Greatest Dynamic Duo

One could argue that the World’s greatest conquests, competitions, and challenges are better off when in the hands of a dynamic duo. Dynamic Duos are pervasive in sports. Growing up Read More The post CSOs and CFOs; The World’s Next Greatest Dynamic Duo appeared first on Axio ... Read More

Why Embrace the Cybersecurity Imperative – a Discussion with Accenture and Bob Dudley, Axio Board Member and Former CEO of BP

Axio Board member and former CEO of BP, Bob Dudley, recently sat down with experts at Accenture for its 2022 OT Cybersecurity Virtual Summit. Sharing his experience, Bob discussed lessons learned in cybersecurity, the continued challenge of cyber resiliency, and the crucial role played by C-Suite execs and board members ... Read More
Cyber security threats remain one year since colonial pipeline hack

Colonial Pipeline One Year Later: Are Critical Infrastructure Operators More Secure?

Earlier this month marked the one-year anniversary of the largest cyber-attack on US critical infrastructure. In May 2021, DarkSide cyber actors successfully targeted Colonial Pipeline with a ransomware attack that shut down parts of its 5,500 miles of gas delivery between the gulf coast and the Nation’s East coast. The ... Read More
Axio Welcomes Paul Bjarnason as Chief Commercial Officer

Axio Welcomes Paul Bjarnason as Chief Commercial Officer

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Today, Axio is pleased to announce that Paul Bjarnason, a 25-year veteran of the Enterprise Software space, has joined the company as Chief Commercial Officer. Paul will be leading all aspects of Axio’s go-to-market operations including sales, alliances and marketing and will be reporting directly to CEO Scott Kannry. Paul’s most recent position was as Senior Vice ... Read More

CISA Says: Ransomware is Here to Stay! 4 Easy Steps Hackers Don’t Want You to Know

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In an interview with the Washington Post this week, Director of the United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Jen Easterly, discussed a number of recent high-profile cybersecurity news items, including the Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp outage, the SolarWinds hack, election security, and the Federal Government’s general role in addressing well-planned cyber-attacks from foreign actors.   This past summer, President Biden urged Russian President Vladimir ... Read More

“What if a Colonial-type event happened to us?”

Maintaining calm during the storm After many of the large-scale cyber events hit the news over the past few years, frantic calls made from CEOs and Board of Director members to Chief Information Security Officers typically started with a question along the lines of “Could this happen to us?”  In ... Read More