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Windows Virtual Desktop: The Best Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is not Hyper-V or a rehabilitated version Windows Virtual PC. It doesn’t even install on your local machine like VMware Workstation or VMplayer. Rather, WVD lets you deploy and scale virtualized Windows desktops and apps on Azure Windows Virtual Desktops. If you’re looking for more information ... Read More
Domain Joined vs Non Domain Joined

Domain-Joined vs Non-Domain-Joined: Best Management Tool

Domain Join or not to Domain Join, a Lurking Question The case to domain-join or non-domain join is the decision network administrators and domain administrators must make for work and school networks. For many years, domain-joined was “the way” that enterprises chose to secure and manage their Windows domains. It ... Read More
Windows Update for Business Blog

Windows Update for Business (WuFB): A Simplified Guide

Let’s talk about Windows Update for Business. Windows updates are one of the significant responsibilities of a Windows systems administrator. Without updates, you leave your systems vulnerable to attacks, bugs, and merely staying behind. The question is: How do you manage Windows updates in the ever-changing landscape that is the ... Read More
ADMX Files: What to do when you get new ones (with Central Store)

5 Top Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) Tips

The local Windows administrator account is a coveted target for hackers and malware. There are potentially a lot of bad things that can happen if a hacker can crack the local admin account of one of your servers. Dreadful things usually occur when someone downloads a malicious malware strain using ... Read More
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Apply a Java Deployment Rule Set in 4 Easy Steps

What is a Java Deployment Rule Set A Java Deployment Rule Set enables you to continue using legacy business applications despite the changes to Java applet and Java Web Start application security policies. You can also use a Java Deployment Rule Set to control which version of Java Runtime Environment ... Read More
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How to Solve Windows 10 Taskbar Issues Across Domains

Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working for Users? Whether its Post-it notes, Pinterest or the Windows 10 Taskbar, users love to pin stuff to have quick access to it. As an administrator, you want to make sure that their most important stuff is pinned to the Taskbar, but how do you ... Read More
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Top 6 Windows Security Settings To Configure Right Now

Do You Have These 6 Windows Security Settings Set Up? Windows security settings can help secure domain controllers, servers, clients, and other resources in your organization. Without Windows security settings, you would be unable to authenticate users, limit access to resources, manage group membership, or audit changelogs. Microsoft designed Windows ... Read More
Windows 10 Start Screen Example

Windows 10 Start Screen Cleanup is Easier Than You Think

It may seem trivial, but the Start Screen in the Windows operating system can be a big deal. When the start menu vanished for a while with Windows 8, users howled and demanded its return. Users like their Start Screen. The Windows 10 Start Screen is a valuable piece of ... Read More