How to Write a Wireless Security Policy

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A wireless policy is a set of guidelines for how your employees and guests access the wireless network. It’s also a valuable resource to document how your system administrators manage your company’s wireless network. In this blog, I’m going to share a few tips for writing your own wireless security ... Read More

How to Run a Security Tabletop Exercise

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Tabletop meetings are opportunities to test out your employees, processes, and procedures to see how a particular scenario would play out. In this blog post, we’re going to explain how you may want to plan a tabletop meeting, describing the process by starting with the planning phase and then–as if ... Read More

How to Write a Vulnerability Management Policy

Generally speaking, organizations run more effectively with well-written policies, and policies can also be a conversation starter to tackle some of the objectives or goals that not everyone is on board with.  The benefits of a well-written policy become even more important when it comes to responding to a vulnerability ... Read More

6 Practical Fraud Prevention Tips for 2021

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The beginning of the year is a great time to evaluate and take inventory. Why not use it as a time to check up on your financial and credit accounts? It’s good practice, and it’s easy to remember as well if you always do this around the same time every ... Read More
b00t2root CTF: cuz rsa is lub [RSA Cryptography]

Setting up a Virtual Machine for Your CTF Toolbox

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You may have seen some Capture the Flag (CTF) writeups on the Hurricane Labs blog recently! If you’re wondering how to get started yourself, this blog post will help you set up a virtual machine (VM) for CTFs. Just in case you missed the others, I wrote a beginner’s guide ... Read More
CSI CTF 2020: OSINT Challenges

CSI CTF 2020: OSINT Challenges

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OSINT Overview OSINT challenges are some of my favorites in a CTF; however, they can be difficult to complete without being given a lot of information. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) uses online tools, public records, and social media to find information about a target, usually about an individual or organization. For example, ... Read More