6 New Features This Month

Over the last several weeks, we’ve made a number of updates to both our flagship Mayhem for Code product and Mayhem for API. Let’s take a look at each ... Read More

The Hacker Mind Podcast: Hacking High-Tech Cars

Vamosi: One of the unintended consequences of convenience is complexity. In order to make things easier to connect to more things, we must introduce complexity. There is no easy way around it. For example, a simple system that has only an on off switch. That's not too convenient, right? Think ... Read More
What does the Colonial Pipeline hack tell us about the security of U.S. infrastructure?

The Hacker Mind Podcast: Crimeware As A Service

The LockBit ransomware gang no longer offers just one service, like ransomware, but multiple services, like anti-analysis tools and bug bounty programs. Mick Baccio from Splunk’s SURGe explains how ransomware gangs are evolving into crimeware-as-a-service platforms, as one stop shop for all your online criminal needs ... Read More

The Hacker Mind Podcast: How To Get Paid To Hack

You could, of course, sell your skillz to the dark web. Or you could legitimately report what you find and get paid to do so. You might even travel the world. In this episode of The Hacker Mind, I return to Episode 7 with Tim Becker, Episode 9 with Stok, ... Read More

The Hacker Mind Podcast: How To Become A 1337 Hacker

CTFs is that people are teaching themselves, through these games, how to be better hackers. In fact, some are designed to teach you, through gamification, how to reverse engineer. At the very least, Capture the Flag challenges you to solve problems creatively. That’s something that is often missing ... Read More

The Hacker Mind Podcast: Cyber Ranges

Red teams and pen tests are point in time assessments. What if you could simulate an ongoing attack to test your teams’ readiness? You can with a cyber range. Lee Rossi, CTO and co founder.of SimSpace, a cyber range company, joins The Hacker Mind podcast to explain how using both ... Read More

The Hacker Mind Podcast: Beyond MITRE ATT&CK

Just because you have a tool, like ATT&CK, you might not realize its full potential without someone being there to guide you … at least in the beginning. Frank, now the chief innovation officer and co founder of Tidal Security, returns to The Hacker Mind to discuss the ATT&CK, only ... Read More
Swarms Of Grasshoppers Invading Las Vegas Strip | TODAY

The Hacker Mind Podcast: DEF CON Villages

DEF CON is 30 years old this year, and it’s bigger and better in part because of topic-specific villages. Here’s an inside look at four of the most popular villages. In this episode I’m talking to the organizers of the Lockpicking Village,the ICS village, the Car Hacking Village, and the ... Read More
CBS News Special Report World Trade Center Bombing (2/26/1993)

The Hacker Mind: G-Men in Cyberspace

Fighting organized crime online might seem like a logical extension for law enforcement, but, in fact, it is not all that straight forward. Michael McPherson is someone with 25 years in the FBI, who has transitioned out to the corporate world, and can best describe the experiences on both sides ... Read More
NATO - Fighting against cyber attacks

The Hacker Mind Podcast: The Fog of Cyber War

There’s a war online in Ukraine, one that you haven’t heard much about in part because that country is holding its own because infosec volunteers worldwide. Mikko Hypponen joins The Hacker Mind to discuss cybercrime unicorns, the fog of cyber war that surrounds the Ukrainian war with its much larger ... Read More