Customer Corner: RCBC Bank CTO on Balancing Risk and Innovation

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Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) begun as a small development bank in the Philippines and has grown to encompass a wide range of financial services and branches in the U.S., Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Like any financial institution, it must comply with a host of regulations and is a ... Read More

3 Trends That Make Zero Trust More Important Than Ever

2020 showed that organizations everywhere are under attack more than ever before. The first half of the year alone saw more attacks than all of 2019 combined – and there is no sign that will slow down in 2021.  With trends like work from anywhere, supply chain vulnerabilities and billions ... Read More

Customer Corner: Driving Compliance to Limit Cybersecurity Risk While Serving 13 Million Citizens

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The Ministério Publico do Estado da Bahia (MPBA) is a key organization in Brazil, responsible for the defense of legal order, the democratic regime and social and individual interests in the State of Bahia. A key piece of executing those services for the state’s more than 13 million citizens is ... Read More
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Why Device Control is Critical in Today’s Enterprise of Things World

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It’s 2020 and if you throw a stone, you’re likely to hit a vendor that offers some sort of visibility to its customers through listening to network traffic. Whether they’re focused on IoT, operational technology (OT), medical devices or basic anomaly detection, you can find many vendors that have taken ... Read More