Risky Business Podcast Interviews Ferruh Mavituna on How to Find Vulnerabilities in Thousand Web Applications

Award-winning journalist Patrick Gray interviewed our CEO, Ferruh Mavituna, on how to find vulnerabilities in more than 1,000 web applications. During the interview, Ferruh explains that once you publish a web application online – even if it is a very basic one – a hacker will find it within a few minutes. This highlights how important it is for enterprises to ensure that all of their web applications are secure. Ferruh also explains that the automated nature of Netsparker Cloud facilitates the task of keeping thousands of websites and web applications secure. Development teams will not be overwhelmed by securing a large number of websites. Toward the end of the interview, Ferruh also provides tips on how teams can start to tackle the massive problem of securing thousands of web applications, where their effort should be directed, and how best to use team resources quickly and efficiently. You can listen to the full Risky Business Episode #468 episode from the Risky Business website. Ferruh’s interview is the last feature in the podcast, which begins at 37 minutes.
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Live Demo of How to Bypass Web Application Firewalls & Filters

Many assume that a web application firewall is enough to protect web applications from malicious attacks. Therefore fixing security vulnerabilities is not necessary thanks to the WAF’s blacklist of functions, keywords or characters. However, expectations are very different from reality. Watch episode 526 of Paul’s Security Weekly during which our security researcher Sven busts the myths and demos how attackers can bypass web application firewalls and all kinds of blacklist filters to attack and exploit security holes in vulnerable websites. In his demo Sven shows how to: Bypass Cross Site Scripting, Command Injection and Code Evaluation filters that were meant to protect your web applications Avoid being caught by WAFs And how to generally approach them. During the demo, Sven also explains why it is not possible to have one payload that bypasses all filters, and why less is often more when it comes to bypassing such security mechanisms. Bypassing Web Application Firewalls and other security filters from Netsparker
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Interview with Julio Potier, Developer of SecuPress

Julio Potier is the developer behind SecuPress, the WordPress plugin that makes it possible to easily secure your WordPress websites and blogs. Julio is based in France and is very active in the WordPress security scene. He is also a security consultant and teaches developers to write more secure code through his lecture and audits… Read More The post Interview with Julio Potier, Developer of SecuPress appeared first on WP White Security. Related posts:WordPress REST API and the Security Worries We Are Hiring a WordPress Plugin Developer October 2016 WordPress Core, Plugins & Themes Vulnerabilities Roundup
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