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Adapting Security to Work Anywhere

"Working from home 2021" was the title of my talk at The Cyber Security Summit in January, and the strikethrough is important. After a massive shift away from common workspaces in response to the global pandemic, there is no more working remotely or working from home, there is just working ... Read More

Time for a Haircut

| | VPN, zero trust
Like many people around the world, my hair has grown profusely in the past few months and bears little resemblance to the photo in my profile. Without the required care and attention, my hair is getting dangerously close to the bad hairstyles I adopted in the 1980s ... Read More
Shifting Strategies

Shifting Strategies

Formula One is always a sport I wanted to enjoy more than I actually did. I found the strategy always more compelling than the actual racing, which was usually just a procession. Of course, the crashes were always spectacular, not ... Read More
PSD2 and Open Banking -- The New Way to Work Your Money

PSD2 and Open Banking — The New Way to Work Your Money

| | Financial Services
The main question behind the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and Open Banking: Is it innovative or just platitudes against competition? ... Read More

Cloud Workload Resilience PulseMeter

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