What's New in Web Security

What’s New in Web Security

With Akamai's web security portfolio, the top focus this October is on the web application firewall (WAF), with exciting new capabilities: API Discovery and Adaptive Security Profiles ... Read More

Web Application and API Protection — From SQL Injection to Magecart

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SQL injections were first discovered in 1998, and over 20 years later, they remain an unsolved challenge and an ongoing threat for every web application and API. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) highlighted injection flaws in its Top 10 lists for both web application security risks and API ... Read More
March 2020 -- What's New in Security, Part 1

March 2020 — What’s New in Security, Part 1

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Welcome to Akamai's March 2020 Release! This release offers a week of product updates, with each day highlighting continued innovations across a different area of Akamai's product portfolio: Monday and Tuesday feature two days of security updates. There's a lot ... Read More
October 2019 - What's New in Security?

October 2019 – What’s New in Security?

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The October 2019 Release includes enhancements to Akamai security products with many new and updated capabilities. Highlights and capabilities that our customers have been particularly excited about include: The Bot Intelligence Console provides greater visibility into the bot landscape, allowing ... Read More
4 Critical Elements Your Next Security Solution Must Have

4 Critical Elements Your Next Security Solution Must Have

Security is essential to the success of any digital business. But there's one thing you can always count on: security-related incursions are inevitable. And the results can be devastating. Security breaches erode trust and damage reputation. To help, we've compiled Security Starts at the Edge: The 2019 Security Buyer's Guide ... Read More
Bot Manager: Staying Ahead of the Bot Landscape

Bot Manager: Staying Ahead of the Bot Landscape

Akamai launched Bot Manager three years ago. Since then, the bot landscape has continued to evolve and we've introduced a number of improvements to our bot detections to stay ahead of it. These included browser fingerprinting and behavioral anomaly detection, as well constantly refining our core bot detections such as ... Read More
What's New in Security - March 2019

What’s New in Security – March 2019

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Today, Akamai announced the March 2019 Release with new features and capabilities across its security, performance, and media product lines - with a focus on helping customers better manage their cloud migration initiatives. Within security, Akamai has made updates to every product line to help organizations better protect your apps ... Read More
3 Reasons Your Business Needs Security at the Edge

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Security at the Edge

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Security at the edge is an approach to defending your business from security threats by deploying defense measures closer to the point of attack and as far away from your assets (your people, applications, or infrastructure) as possible ... Read More
Akamai: Experience the Edge

What’s New In Security

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It's that time of year again. Here at our global headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the days are getting shorter (at least in terms of sunrise and sunset). Gone are the 90 degree days of summer; 60 is the new normal ... Read More