What’s New in Security – March 2019

Today, Akamai announced the March 2019 Release with new features and capabilities across its security, performance, and media product lines – with a focus on helping customers better manage their cloud migration initiatives. Within security, Akamai has made updates to every product line to help organizations better protect your apps and APIs, stop credential stuffing, and move to zero trust.

Securing the Cloud

The impact of cloud migration initiatives is especially pronounced in security. Security teams have little control over where applications are deployed, yet are still responsible for protecting them. Akamai helps you better secure applications in both hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments by providing a more consistent security posture, improving visibility against threats, and allowing you to manage your DDoS, WAF, and bot protections from a single pane of glass.

Identity at the Edge

The recent acquisition of Janrain establishes Akamai as a leader in customer identity and access management (CIAM). The March 2019 Release brings identity to the edge with a new Secure Edge capability – automatically protecting account registration and login pages on Identity Cloud against DDoS and web application attacks. In addition, hosted login provides end-to-end CIAM in a SaaS delivery model for faster and easier deployment.

Advanced Bot Detections

Bot Manager Premier is introducing new advanced bot detections to stay ahead of the evolving bot landscape. Unsupervised device anomaly and adaptive anomaly clustering combine unsupervised machine learning and deep learning techniques with unmatched visibility into both threats and legitimate traffic on the Akamai platform to catch the most sophisticated bots.

Automatic API Inspection

Akamai is bringing automatic inspection of API traffic to Web Application Protector to make it easier than ever to protect your APIs. For customers who don’t have time or resources to manage a WAF, WAP now provides simplified application security for all of your web applications, including both websites and web APIs.

Content protection

Content is king and needs to be protected. As part of the March 2019 Release, Akamai is enhancing its content protection capabilities by introducing Enhanced Proxy Detection, Enhanced Token Authentication, and Standard TLS to our media delivery solutions to ensure a secure, high quality experience that audiences demand.

Simplified zero trust adoption

Akamai is making it easier than ever to adopt a zero trust posture. Enterprise Defender combines Enterprise Application Access, Enterprise Threat Protector, Kona Site Defender, Ion, and IP Application Accelerator into a single package designed to make it easy for you to protect your enterprise applications and users.

Routed Profile Report

Building on its proactive mitigation controls and zero-second time-to-mitigate SLA, Prolexic Routed adds new reporting to provide deep, granular visibility into your clean network traffic. This helps you better understand your network traffic as well as the applications and network services that you’re protecting, and better partner with Akamai’s Security Operations Center when deploying mitigations to respond to DDoS attacks. Read about the Routed Profile report here.

UX Revamp

With the March 2019 Release, Akamai is further simplifying and streamlining the process for configuring Kona Site Defender, Client Reputation, and Bot Manager. Read more about how we’ve improved our security configuration user interface here.

Learn More

In addition to security, the March 2019 Release includes new features and capabilities for performance and media products and introduces new service offerings. Visit the Release page on to see everything that was announced.


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