Expanding the PureSec API – Secure Your Functions Programmatically

Much of the promise of serverless has to do with the little-to-no management overhead it offers. No servers to patch, no operating systems updates, we all know the concept. Making sure your serverless applications are secure should be no different. The PureSec API lets you control your runtime protection policies ... Read More

Local Policy Updates – Keep Your Functions Secure Anywhere (Even In a closed VPC)

Normally, the PureSec runtime protection module will retrieve the latest security policy from the PureSec service upon the function’s cold start. This makes sure your functions are always as secure as possible. But what happens if your functions don’t have internet access (e.g. inside a non-internet facing VPC) ? Or ... Read More

Quickly Gauge Your Serverless Security Readiness With This Short Quiz

The cloud-security world entered a new age with the introduction of serverless computing. While developers quickly embrace serverless to rapidly build and deploy cloud applications, security and risk management leaders are lagging behind on their understanding of the security risks and best-practices ... Read More
PureSec: 2018 Recap

PureSec: 2018 Recap

As we're nearing the end of the year, it's time to look back and reflect on all the great things achieved during 2018. This year was remarkable for the Serverless security space, for our customers, and for the PureSec team ... Read More

AWS Lambda Security Best-Practices eBook

PureSec releases a security awareness and education guide for organizations developing serverless applications on AWS Lambda As serverless adoption is expected to continue growing in 2019 and reach new audiences, PureSec sees the importance of education on how to build robust, secure and reliable AWS Lambda serverless applications. We are ... Read More

PureSec Collaborates with Amazon Web Services to Provide Zero-Overhead Application Security for AWS Lambda Customers

The new PureSec protection layer for AWS Lambda is designed to help AWS customers further secure their serverless applications against cyber-attacks with minimal effort and no operational overhead TEL AVIV, Israel, November 29, 2018 -- PureSec, today launches the world’s first serverless security solution, which is designed to require zero ... Read More

AWS Lambda Security Quick Guide

In January 2018, the world's first Serverless Security Top 10 guide was published. The guide was an effort lead by PureSec together with industry thought leaders, and covered topics such as AWS Lambda Security and Azure Functions Security. These days, we're also working on getting the guide refreshed, and finding ... Read More

PureSec Initiates Industry’s First OWASP Top 10 Project for Cloud-Native Application Security

| | Serverless Security
As the leader in serverless security, PureSec is excited to announce that it has initiated work on a new OWASP incubator project that will identify some of the more critical risks related to cloud-native applications ... Read More

PureSec Serverless Security Platform – Now Generally Available

Today we are announcing general availability of our serverless security platform. We would like to thank all of our design partners and beta customers for supporting us since we started building our product in October 2016 ... Read More

State of Serverless Security Survey 2018 Results

More than a third of companies that use serverless functions are not employing any application security best practices and are not using any tools or standard security methodologies to secure them. The statistic was revealed as part of our first "State of Serverless Security" survey.The online survey conducted in April ... Read More

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