Google released a paper showing how it’s fighting disinformation on its platforms

Last Saturday, Google presented a paper in the Munich Security Conference titled How Google Fights Disinformation. In the paper, they explain what steps they’re taking against disinformation and detail their strategy for their platforms Google Search, News, YouTube, and Google Ads. We take a look at the key strategies that ... Read More

Splunk will no longer be available for Russian companies

Splunk announced that it will no longer be selling its services to Russian companies. There will be no direct sales or via partners. This also includes companies whose headquarters is situated in Russia. However, they will continue to provide support for existing accounts/services. But, any renewals or expansion of accounts ... Read More

FOSDEM 2019: Designing better cryptographic mechanisms to avoid pitfalls – Talk by Maximilian Blochberger

At FOSDEM 2019, Belgium, Maximilian Blochberger talked about preventing cryptographic pitfalls by avoiding mistakes while integrating cryptographic mechanisms correctly. Blochberger is a research associate at the University of Hamburg. FOSDEM is a free and open event for software developers with thousands of attendees, this year’s event took place on second ... Read More

Microsoft and Cisco propose ideas for a Biometric privacy law after the state of Illinois passed one

Last month, the state of Illinois passed a Biometric privacy bill where a person can claim damages when their fingerprint is used without consent. Now, Cisco and Microsoft propose ideas for biometric privacy. The Cisco proposal states: ‘Ensure interoperability between different privacy protection regimes.’ This could threaten GDPR. ‘Avoid fracturing ... Read More

SBI data leak in India results in information of millions of customers exposed online

The State bank of India, the largest bank of the nation leaked data of millions of its account holders. In the SBI data leak, Information like bank balances and recent transactions were visible online due to the leak. As per a TechCrunch report, two months of data was stored on ... Read More

AirBnB privacy issue – a guest found undisclosed cameras in his rented room

| | SBN News, Security News
In a blog post, an AirBnb guest shares his experience of staying at a property and to his shock there were cameras in the rooms. You’re off to a vacation to somewhere, naturally you need a place to stay. In this digitized age, AirBnB seems to be the go to ... Read More

TLS comes to Google public DNS with support for DNS-over-TLS connections

In a blog post yesterday, Google announced that their public DNS will now support transport layer security (TLS). Google DNS Google’s public Domain Name Service (DNS) is the world’s largest address resolver. The service allows anyone using it to convert a human readable domain name into addresses used by browsers ... Read More

Ethereum classic suffered a 51% attack; developers deny, state a new ASIC card was tested

Yesterday there were discussions on Twitter about an Ethereum classic 51% attack which was a possible chain reorganization or double spend attack. However, Ethereum developers denied it and have shed some light on the incident. Ethereum classic is the original version of Ethereum which suffered a major hack in 2016 ... Read More

Italian researchers conduct an experiment to prove that quantum communication is possible on a global scale

Researchers from Italy have published a research paper showcasing that quantum communication is feasible between high-orbiting satellites and a station on the ground. This new research proves that quantum communication is possible on a global scale by using a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). The reports of the study are ... Read More

FBI takes down some ‘DDoS for hire’ websites just before Christmas

This Thursday a California federal judge granted warrants to the FBI to take down several websites providing DDoS attack services. The domains have been seized by the FBI just before Christmas Holidays. This is a season where hackers have done DDoS attacks in the past. The attacks are mainly targeted ... Read More