Black Hat USA 2021 Recap:

Black Hat USA 2021 is officially in the books. With thousands of attendees and vendors coming together for this elite cybersecurity event, Black Hat unfortunately also attracts hackers and cybercriminals determined to prey on vulnerable devices. As we learned firsthand through our work inside this year’s Black Hat Network Operations ... Read More

The ransomware threat to the healthcare sector

2020 has witnessed an uptick in ransomware attacks targeting hospitals and healthcare facilities. See, for example, C5 Capital Founder André Pienaar's account of a ransomware attack in the early days of COVID-19 in the U.K. Another high-profile incident occurred in late September when U.S. healthcare services company UHS was struck ... Read More

SolarWinds/SUNBURST: DGA or DNS Tunneling?

As we continue unpacking and analyzing the SolarWinds attack, which FireEye has described as a “highly evasive” Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) incident, we first need to agree on terminology before we can move forward with identifying and analyzing the observable behaviors.  ... Read More