Top 30 Cybersecurity Stats in Financial Services in 2023

Top 30 Cybersecurity Stats in Financial Services in 2023

Cybersecurity is a critical issue for financial services organizations that handle huge volumes of sensitive customer information such as personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) and financial records. The volume of private data that is exchanged inside and outside of organizations today is driven by digital transformation ... Read More
What Is FERPA Compliance

What Is FERPA Compliance?

What is FERPA compliance? FERPA compliance refers to requirements academic institutions must adhere to when handling sensitive student data, including educational information and PII. These requirements cover cybersecurity, administrative privacy measures, and disclosures of rights to parents and students. What Is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)? In ... Read More
Top 15 Private Data Exposure Risk Management Trends for 2023

Top 15 Private Data Exposure Risks for 2023

Digital Transformation Exposes Private Data The push to embrace digital transformation continues to expose organizations to significant security and compliance risks. To place guardrails around digital transformation initiatives, governments and international standards organizations have passed various regulations to protect data privacy. Businesses, in turn, are feeling the pressure to comply ... Read More
115 Top Security Stats in 2022

115 Top Cybersecurity Stats in 2022

Keeping sensitive content secure and organizations and systems compliant with data privacy regulations and standards is critical for today’s business. Digital transformation now extends to all industry segments and organizations of virtually any size. The volume of private data that is digitally sent, shared, received, and stored continues to burgeon ... Read More


Application Security Observability Report Finds that 74% of Code In An Application Is Never Invoked Digital transformation as a business trend has been accelerating for a decade or more. Organizations have steadily launched digital tools to re-imagine everything from manufacturing operations to customer service, from supply chain management to sales ... Read More

95% of Organizations Admit To at Least One Successful Application Exploit in Past Year

| | DevSecOps
Findings and Insights from Contrast Security’s 2020 State of DevSecOps Report ... Read More

85% of Developers in the Technology Industry Deploy Daily, Yet 8 in 10 Aren’t Going Fast Enough

| | AppSec, DEVOPS, Threat
Organizations aspire to reach perfection and often look to emulate best practices of peer organizations to do so. When it comes to software development, global technology leaders like Google, Amazon, Uber, Apple, and others immediately come to mind as best-in-class practitioners. Seeking to understand what software development life cycle (SDLC) ... Read More

Cyberattacks on Applications Grow Exponentially, Pose Serious Risk

The need for digital engagement with customers, partners, and employees has never been greater than it is today. Most organizations were already in varying stages of digital adoption when the pandemic hit. Suddenly, businesses of all sizes realized that their very survival depends on their ability to lean into digital ... Read More

When Legacy Application Security Becomes Your “Mr. Hyde”

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Agile and DevOps are critical linchpins in digital transformation. Agile focuses on the development life cycle of modern software development life cycle (SDLC), whereas DevOps spans across development, testing, and operations life cycles. Enterprises recognize their importance and have rapidly adopted one or both—enabling development teams to accelerate their code ... Read More

AppSec Becomes A Priority For New CISOs/CSOs: Recommendations For The First 100 Days

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With digital transformation as a top concern for many organizations today, application security (AppSec) is more important than ever for CISOs/CSOs. Newly hired leaders must account for AppSec from the very start, and should assemble a comprehensive and strategic vision for software security in their first 100 days. While this ... Read More