Banking – Building trust in an age of disruption

Digital disruption has long made its presence felt in the retail banking sector. A series of challenger brands have launched in recent years, building innovative and intuitive digital interfaces from the ground up and in some cases forgoing physical premises altogether. Atom Bank launched publicly in April 2016 and secured ... Read More

How to improve your risk assessment process

For many people, the prospect of conducting a risk assessment is daunting. Inexperienced assessors often rely on spreadsheets, spending hours interviewing people in their organisation, exchanging documents and methodologies with other departments and filling in data. After all that, they’ll probably realise how inconvenient spreadsheets are: They are prone to ... Read More

Every organisation is affected by cyber risk!

Organisations that believe they can ignore cyber risk management and the benefits it offers will probably lose out as others adopt more efficient, more economical, less human-resource-intensive solutions. For effective cyber risk management, an organisation needs a thorough understanding of the constantly evolving risks it faces, as well as the ... Read More

Myth-busting: Why risk assessments shouldn’t be a one-time thing

We’re kicking off a new series of blogs tackling some of the biggest misconceptions around risk assessments, information security, data protection, regulatory compliance, and other issues that our customers are grappling with. Today’s theme is one that comes up time and time again: “I’ve completed my risk assessment for this ... Read More

The importance of information security

For many organisations, information is their most important asset, so protecting it is crucial. Information security is “the practice of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of information”. Information can take many forms, such as electronic and physical. Information security performs four important roles: Protects ... Read More

Reputation equals revenue: Why data security and compliance are crucial for ambitious tech companies

On 2 April, Google+ will cease to exist for external users. The search giant has cited two main reasons for the move: low user engagement and, more insidiously, software design flaws that allowed “third-party app developers to access the data not just of users who had granted permission, but of ... Read More
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GDPR-compliant organisations reaping the benefits, study finds

Organisations that meet the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) experience a wide variety of benefits, according to a new Cisco report. The 2019 Data Privacy Benchmark Study demonstrates that GDPR compliance makes organisations less susceptible to data breaches, as you’d expect, but it also streamlines company processes ... Read More
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GDPR: more popular than Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian

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Fame is a fickle mistress. One minute your popularity seems insurmountable, you’re riding the crest of public opinion, you can gain the world’s attention with the slightest of efforts and everyone seems interested in your every utterance. The next, you’re knocked from your pedestal by a data protection law. It’s ... Read More
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So you’ve suffered a data breach? Here’s what you do next

It’s an announcement few information security specialists want to make: the organisation has suffered a data breach. The breach itself is bad enough, but now everyone in the office is panicking. Some will grumble about how they’re going to miss deadlines, others will frantically wonder whether they’re responsible for the ... Read More
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Five lessons we learnt about GDPR in 2018

It is now over eight months since the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, affecting all organisations that do business with EU citizens, however small the proportion of overall operations. The frantic last-minute preparations are over and so too are the first tentative months, when organisations struggled ... Read More