Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Exam (AZ-104) domains overview

Introduction According to Global Knowledge, the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate is one of the top paying certifications in IT for 2020, with individuals earning an average of $125,993. With over 85% of the Fortune 500 companies using the Azure Cloud and companies moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud, ... Read More

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Exam (AZ-500): overview of domains

Introduction Many organizations today are leveraging the cloud to transform their business. However, the adoption of cloud technology introduces associated risks, security and privacy concerns. Hence, the need for cybersecurity professionals with skills required to protect the environment including the data stored in the cloud. We will offer an overview ... Read More

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) Domains Overview

Introduction The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) certification exam is a great way for someone new to the field of cloud computing to demonstrate knowledge, interest and experience to current or potential employers. In this article, we will offer an overview of Microsoft Azure’s most popular certification — the Microsoft Certified ... Read More

Microsoft Azure Certification: Overview And Career Path

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MITRE ATT&CK spotlight: Process injection

Introduction It is no longer a surprise to discover that attackers have changed their attack methodologies and continue to improve the sophistication of their Tactics, Techniques and Procedures... Go on to the site to read the full article ... Read More

Cloud Workload Resilience PulseMeter

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