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3 Cloud Computing Security Issues & How To Get Them Under Control

| | Cloud Security
Businesses are enthusiastically adopting cloud computing as a cost-saving technology, and it’s no wonder, the business case for cloud technology speaks for itself: reduced asset depreciation, remarkably agile resources that can scale up or down within minutes, and fewer staff to maintain it. Unfortunately, this is only part of the ... Read More

3 Reasons Osquery Should Be On Every Incident Responders Christmas List

| | incident investigation, osquery
2018 marks the first full year in which Uptycs, the company created to bring Facebook’s open source osquery agent to widespread commercial adoption, has had its turnkey security analytics platform in the market. As can be expected of any startup that launches a new ground-breaking product, it has been an ... Read More

Securing Containers: Using osquery to Solve New Challenges Posed by Hosted Orchestration Services

It is not often that one runs into situations that so purely fit a classic stereotype. Securing and monitoring Docker containers happens to be one of those conundrums that is a textbook example of a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” setup. On the surface, securing and ... Read More

Does osquery violate GDPR rules around Personally Identifiable Data (PII)?

| | GDPR, osquery
AHHHH! GDPR day is upon us! If you've used a service or signed up for anything ever in your life then you've surely noticed the onslaught of "Terms of Privacy Update" emails over the last couple of days. That could only mean one thing: GDPR implementation day has finally arrived! ... Read More