Sinter: New user-mode security enforcement for macOS

TL;DR: Sinter is the first available open-source endpoint protection agent written entirely in Swift, with support for Apple’s new EndpointSecurity API from first principles. Sinter demonstrates how to build a successful event-authorization security agent, and incorporates solutions to many of the challenges that all endpoint protection agents will face as ... Read More

Announcing the Zeek Agent

(This posting is cross-posted between the Zeek blog and the Trail of Bits blog). The Zeek Network Security Monitor provides a powerful open-source platform for network traffic analysis. However, from its network vantage point, Zeek lacks access to host-level semantics, such as the process and user accounts that are responsible ... Read More
Linux security event monitoring with osquery

A Day in the Life of Alessandro Gario, Senior Security Engineer

| | Engineering Practice
People interested in joining Trail of Bits often ask us what it’s like to work on the Engineering Services team. We felt that the best answer would be a profile of some of the talented individuals on our team, and let them describe their experiences at Trail of Bits in ... Read More
Using osquery for remote forensics

Using osquery for remote forensics

| | attacks, osquery
System administrators use osquery for endpoint telemetry and daily monitoring. Security threat hunters use it to find indicators of compromise on their systems. Now another audience is discovering osquery: forensic analysts. While osquery core is great for querying various system-level data remotely, forensics extensions will give it the ability to ... Read More
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Announcing the community-oriented osquery fork, osql

For months, Facebook has been heavily refactoring the entire osquery codebase, migrating osquery away from standard development tools like CMake and integrating it with Facebook’s internal tooling. Their intention was to improve code quality, implement additional tests, and move the project to a more modular architecture. In practice, the changes ... Read More
Conference room at the venue

Announcing QueryCon 2019

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Exciting news: We’re hosting the second annual QueryCon on June 20th-21st in New York City, co-sponsored by Kolide and Carbon Black! Register here QueryCon has become the foremost event for the osquery and osql open-source community. QueryCon brings together core maintainers, developers, and end-users to teach, discuss, and collaborate on ... Read More

10 Rules for the Secure Use of Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets

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Earlier this year, the Web3 Foundation (W3F) commissioned Trail of Bits for a security review and assessment of the risks in storing cryptocurrency. Everyone who owns cryptocurrency — from large institutions to individual enthusiasts — shares the W3F’s concerns. In service to the broader community, the W3F encouraged us to ... Read More