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DNSSEC: The Secret Weapon Against DNS Attacks 

The domain name system (DNS) is known as the phone book of the internet, quickly connecting users from their devices to their desired content. But what appears to most users as seamless and instantaneous actually offers multiple opportunities for bad actors to slip through the cracks. In April 2021, a ... Read More
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domain Major DNS Threats: Preventing DNS Hijacking

DNS Hijacking: What You Need to Know

The word “hijacking” inspires a host of emotions, few of which are favorable. When associated with airlines, in particular, the word can elicit feelings ranging from concern to outright terror. For infosec professionals, that same spectrum of reactions may come into play when detecting a hijack on your domain name ... Read More
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Don’t Get ‘Shawshanked’ by DNS Tunneling 

Since the onset of the pandemic, cyberattackers have increasingly looked to leverage DNS channels to steal data, launch DDoS attacks and deploy malware—and the cost of these attacks is rising. According to IDC’s 2020 Global DNS Threat Report, the average cost of such an attack is now approaching $1 million, ... Read More
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How DNS Attack Dynamics Evolved During the Pandemic

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the “Internet’s address book;” the essential, trusted, rarely scrutinized protocol that keeps the internet running by mapping readable domain names to IP addresses. More than 2.2 trillion DNS queries are processed each day to guide web traffic where it needs to go. Unfortunately, these ... Read More
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