Traveling abroad on business? Assume that your smartphone will be compromised.

When visiting certain high-risk countries on business, your smartphone activity may be monitored by local intelligence services. From fake cell towers to malicious carrier updates, spies in these countries have a number of ways to install malware on your device through your cellular connection alone. As such, it’s best to ... Read More

Lack of emphasis on secure teleworking is a national security risk.

Commercial mobile devices without proper protections are creating risks to our National Security ... Read More
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Lawmakers’ Smartphones and the Battle of Information

There's a war out there, old friend. A world war. And it's not about who's got the most bullets. It's about who controls the information. What we see and hear, how we work, what we think... it's all about the information! - a line from the 1992 film Sneakers ... Read More