Celebrating the 19th Annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month

As we close the celebration of the 19th annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month this October, it’s an ideal time to focus on the need to improve all cybersecurity measures by eliminating passwords and enabling organizations public and private to identify exactly who is accessing their online services. This year, the National ... Read More

Fingerprint Verification: How Does It Work?

What is fingerprint verification? Fingerprint verification uses a fingerprint scan to identify and verify that a user is who they say they are. Fingerprint authentication is the most popular way to use biometrics. How Does Fingerprint Verification Work? User authentication is a complex process, and similar terms are often used ... Read More

Is There Really No Easy Fix for ID Verification for Government Benefits?

Recently, I came across an article titled “No easy fix for ID verification for government benefits” that explored a major challenge that governments have been facing for the past few years. This problem involves balancing fraud prevention in unemployment insurance claims and ensuring that qualified individuals can access the benefits ... Read More

What Is a Brute Force Attack & How Do You Prevent Them?

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Brute force attacks are systematic attacks that continue to attack your logins until they find the correct login information. How can you protect against this? What is a brute force attack? A brute force attack is when a bot attempts to hack into your account by using trial and error ... Read More
Achieve a Higher Level of Identity Assurance with BlockID’s AAMVA Integration

Achieve a Higher Level of Identity Assurance with BlockID’s AAMVA Integration

Driver’s licenses were one of the top three most breached data attributes in 2021, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC). To make matters worse, many driver’s licenses are counterfeit or altered, making them inauthentic. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) is committed to eliminating these issues ... Read More

Top 10 Password Alternatives (Is the Future Passwordless?)

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With hackers becoming increasingly better at cracking logins, what are good password alternatives to protect your account and increase network security? What can be used instead of passwords? PIN codes Multi-Factor Authentication OTP Physical Keys Biometrics Facial Recognition Fingerprint Scans Iris Scans  Voice Verification SSO What Are the Risks and ... Read More

What Is the Future of Biometric Technology? Trends to Watch

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What is the future of biometrics, and are there opportunities for my business to become more secure through biometric authentication? Keep reading to find out. What is the future of biometrics? The future of biometrics will be adding facial, voice, or other types of biometric authentication to security for accessing ... Read More