SolarWinds Learnings – Best Practices for Securing Collaboration across Office 365 and Connected Cloud Apps

The SolarWinds supply chain attacks continue to play out, with new impacts and technical considerations coming to light in the headlines seemingly every day. Amidst all the helpful research into the vulnerabilities and tactics being utilized by the involved hackers, who many experts now believe to be sponsored by some ... Read More

ZTNA and CASB: Combining Key Pieces of the SASE Puzzle

What’s Next for Zero Trust? Everyone in the security industry has been knee-deep in the concept of Zero Trust for some time, and by all appearances, that’s not changing soon.  Since the concept’s inception by Forrester in 2010, the general meaning of Zero Trust has evolved significantly, while the practical ... Read More

Mitigating Cloud Supply-chain Risk: Office 365 and Azure Exploited in Massive U.S Government Hack

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The central issue behind the latest headline-grabbing security breach – an incident that directly impacted several major US government agencies – highlights pervasive issues related to many organizations’ use of the popular Office 365 and Azure Microsoft cloud platforms. According to numerous reports, nation-state backed hacking campaigns targeting vendor SolarWinds ... Read More

The Cloud, The Breach, and the increased role of CSPM

Cloud adoption has reached stratospheric levels, and with this increased volume of workloads and applications usage, organizations require tighter controls to protect their multi-cloud environments and data from potential data leaks or breaches due to misconfigurations. Enter Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM). Cloud has clearly redefined the IT landscape,  on ... Read More

Securing SAP SuccessFactors – Protecting Human Capital

It goes without saying that your own organization’s most strategic cloud application is the most important cloud application when it comes to ensuring proper data protection. However, some clouds are different than others. Many of the programs that we run here at CipherCloud, and a large number of our customers’ ... Read More

Gartner 2020 CASB Magic Quadrant – CipherCloud’s Visionary Performance

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According to most definitions, attaining the label of “visionary” indicates that you have arrived as someone who can actively “envision the future”; by some observations it even implies that you may be one having “unusual foresight and imagination”. In the world of advanced cloud security and data protection solutions – ... Read More