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The convergence of compliance and security in financial services organizations

Compliance in the financial services (finserv) industry is an interesting beast. Most regulations merely tell an organization what they must protect — whether it’s a certain classification of data, remote system, or user — but they rarely indicate how organizations should meet these requirements. For example, a law may dictate ... Read More
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Why HEAT attacks pose a huge risk for finserv organizations

It’s no surprise that financial services (finserv) organizations have a target on their backs. Cybercriminals and other malicious actors know they work with valuable personally identifiable information (PII) and proprietary financial information that can be monetized. It also helps that these multi-billion-dollar companies likely have a huge rainy-day fund that ... Read More

Alphabet soup 2021: The cybersecurity acronyms that matter most

We’re in the midst of a massive transformation in which security professionals around the world are radically rethinking how they protect the enterprise from modern threats. Users are spreading out from corporate headquarters—logging in from remote offices, customer sites, coffee shops, and dining room tables. At the same time, modern ... Read More

The Convergence of SWG and CASB

  Security teams within organizations have grown keen on adopting the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture as business data, applications, and workforces “left the building” during the pandemic and moved into the cloud. Security solutions have reluctantly followed along during the digital transformation of the last two years or so. And it’s true that SASE promises ... Read More

The journey to SASE: Four critical steps to take

As remote and hybrid work models become the norm and mass migration of application workloads to the cloud accelerates, the need to evolve the underlying infrastructure is much discussed and the benefits of a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) approach to a next-generation architecture are now widely documented. A much ... Read More

What’s the relationship between SASE and Zero Trust?

There’s never been a better time to be a threat actor. The acceleration of digital transformation and a highly distributed mobile workforce have greatly expanded threat surfaces across enterprise networks, leaving organizations exposed to cyberattacks.   ... Read More

The skinny on SASE: Why it’s primed to secure the cloud-first enterprise

Just about everything today happens in the cloud—except security. Employees do most of their work there, and their critical tools like SaaS applications and email are found there. Even much of an organization’s data is located there. Naturally, security needs to be there as well ... Read More