Three Cybersecurity Tips for a Safe and Happy Holiday

Security researchers have long marveled at one of the most pervasive and persistent threats that hits each year in late December. Dubbed “Santa Claus,” this North Pole-based adversary uses a Chimney loader to deposit a payload named “presents.exe” before erasing any cookies from the system. Santa Claus is known to ... Read More

Weekly Roundup: What We’ve Learned About the Log4j Vulnerability

ON-DEMAND: Hear from our CISO, Deepen Desai, and Sr. Product Director, Rick Miles, as they discuss Log4Shell and steps your organization should take. It’s been a long week for IT and security professionals as we’ve peeled back the layers of impact resulting from the Log4j vulnerability CVE-2021-44228, dubbed “Log4Shell.” This ... Read More

New Insights: Is China watching your IoT traffic?

To add insult to injury, the Internet of Things (IoT) doesn’t just have notoriously poor security, the connected devices are now front and center in the fallout of critical control systems. These days, everyone is taking notice…or maybe not. In July 2021, the White House warned that if the Russian ... Read More

Stop the Next Kaseya Attack

Watch the on-demand replay of the July 13th ThreatLabz webinar for a deep dive into the Kaseya attack and how to defend against it. While Americans were prepping for their long Fourth of July weekends, cybercriminals were preparing a widespread ransomware attack on businesses around the world using a vulnerability ... Read More

Disrupt the Microsoft Exchange Attacks with Zscaler Zero Trust Architecture

The recent Microsoft Exchange server attacks have reportedly impacted 30,000+ organizations in the United States and 100,000+ organizations globally. Originally attributed to the Chinese threat group HAFNIUM, other threat actors are now believed to be using this vulnerability to steal administrator passwords, write and execute files, and gain access to ... Read More

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