Tomorrow’s Security Teams Need a Female Talent Pipeline

I’ve worked in various roles within law enforcement and security, from positions in the U.S. Secret Service to campus public safety at a large urban university, to private sector security consulting.  And while there have been significant advances in the field of security generally, there are still too few women, ... Read More

Preventing Workplace Violence: Early Identification and Intervention Go a Long Way

This article was originally featured on Campus Safety Magazine As workplaces are emerging from pandemic restrictions and returning to near-normal operations, corporate security and human resources professionals are facing some complex challenges. Many studies have shown workplaces are facing an increased volume of threats, including threats from those internal or ... Read More

How to Stop a School Shooting: Using Pre-Incident Indicators to Know When to Act and What to Do

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Ten years ago today, 20 children – all ages six and seven – and 6 adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Like the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and so many other school shootings before and since, the Oxford High School shooting didn’t have to happen. But if ... Read More

Growing Role of HR in Enhancing Workplace Security

About a decade ago, one of my colleagues, Melissa Muir, was working in the courts as a young human resources (HR) manager and was preparing to terminate an employee.  In her effort to minimize embarrassment to the employee, she agreed to meet with him after work hours, at a time ... Read More

What Corporate Security Can Expect After the Uvalde and Buffalo Mass Shootings

In the past few weeks we have seen high-profile mass shootings in Buffalo, NY – at a Tops supermarket – and in Uvalde, TX – at Robb Elementary School.  Although neither mass shooting occurred in a corporate workplace or against a CEO or other protectee, from decades of experience in ... Read More