Watch the (Privileged) Watcher

How do you help your SOC deal with internal attacks? Leveraging a big data-driven, user and entity behavior analytics solution (UEBA), security analysts can reduce mean-time-to-detection (MTTD) and extend its detection outreach to identify even the stealthiest insider attacks ... Read More

Jumpstart Incident Response

How do you help your SOC deal with alert fatigue? Automation can help the team sift through benign and malicious incidents more quickly. Start small by focusing on these six alert enrichment steps to increase SOC productivity and efficiency ... Read More

Never Let Your Guard Down. Aroo!

Does your SOC feel like an MMA Octagon cage ? fending attackers without a complete strategy? You can use this 4-step fight plan to help your teams thump attackers; focused on automating known threats and leveraging tools to orchestrate threat hunting and investigating the unknowns ... Read More