Do SMBs Have Security Operations Centers, or SOCs?

Do SMBs Have Security Operations Centers, or SOCs?

This blog is the third in a series that explores specific findings from Attackers Don’t Sleep, But Your Employees Need To, a Forrester Consulting study recently commissioned by Pondurance. ***** How many cybersecurity experts does it take to run a SOC? That’s not the start of a joke, but rather ... Read More

Don’t Be in Jeopardy: Essentials for Keeping Your College or University from Becoming a Cyberattack Statistic

ANSWER: What is an Incident Response Plan. QUESTION: What’s the most important security measure colleges and universities must put in place to mitigate cyberthreats? This is one Jeopardy! question that you want to be able to answer not only in words, but with a well thought-out incident response (IR) plan ... Read More
Securing the Remote Workforce: MFA for VPN

Remote Work Resource Center

In a time of crisis, we give thanks and gather resources. The global health crisis that is gripping us all is certainly reminding the Idaptive team of everything we have to be grateful for: amazing employees, wonderful customers and great partners. While it’s easy to be sidelined by the negative ... Read More