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What is a Self-Signed Certificate? | Keyfactor

The SSL/TLS protocol is about security and authentication. It allows for the encryption of data communications over open networks, safeguarding against tampering and interception by malicious actors. In addition, the use of SSL certificates authenticates communicating parties, creating a trust environment. Security and authentication are the building blocks of successful ... Read More

An Introduction to Cipher Suites | Keyfactor

The security of virtually every internet connection depends on SSL/TLS encryption. What determines the level of protection for these connections is the choice of a cipher suite. So, what is a cipher suite? ... Read More

Approaches to Deploying Post-Quantum Cryptography | Keyfactor

With NIST’s Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) competition entering its last phase and the news about IBM building a 1000 qubit quantum computer by 2023, the discussion on how to deploy quantum-resistant algorithms has taken center stage. During the 2020 Keyfactor Critical Trust Virtual Summit, Russ Housley, Founder and Owner of Virgil ... Read More

The What, Why & How of SSH Protocol | Keyfactor

The business environment is transforming. Enterprises have embarked into a digital transformation journey adopting emerging technologies that allow them to move fast and change how they collaborate, reducing costs and increasing productivity. However, these technologies have vanished the traditional perimeter and identity has become the new line of defense. Modern ... Read More

Your Questions Answered: Manufacturing and IoT Device Security

We have conversations with device manufacturers every day around how to develop an overall IoT device security architecture for their current product lines and future product lines. Ideally, this strategy has the proper level security built into each layer of their IoT security stack. This can encompass layers from a ... Read More