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Healthcare Cyberattacks Increasing During COVID-19

The healthcare sector has long been a preferred industry for hackers to target. Now that many healthcare systems are under extra strain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these cyberattacks could prove especially devastating. Why Do Hackers Focus on the Medical Sector? There is no single reason why cybercriminals find the ... Read More
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Trucking Companies: The New Target for Scammers

In the wake of COVID-19, the trucking industry has seen a marked increase in fraud and scams. Here’s what’s going on The dangers of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic don’t end at health risks. The confusion caused by the situation is leaving many people vulnerable to scams, and con artists ... Read More
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2020 tax scams

2020 Tax Season Scams Already Underway

2020 tax scams are already underway. Here’s what you need to know to stay safe in the new year The 2019 tax year just ended, which means scammers are now working harder to sink their claws into the unsuspecting and gullible in 2020. These con artists rely on fear and ... Read More
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Security and the Open Office Environment

Once upon a time, employees spent their days in offices or cubicles, in their own space apart from other employees. Today it’s much different, with employees working in open-plan offices, where large, co-working tables replace closed-off cubicles. Surprisingly, 70% of all offices have an open-style floor plan. Such a setup ... Read More
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Assessing Content Management System Security

As more businesses turn paperless and strive for more efficiency, content management systems become more and more popular. But having all your sensitive information in one place can be a risk. The companies that make these systems understand the need for extra security, as they recognize the importance of the ... Read More
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Who’s Financially Responsible for Cybersecurity Breaches?

As networks become less secure and the data stored on the cloud becomes more valuable, cybersecurity breaches are becoming both more expensive and more frequent. In the first six months of 2019 alone, data breaches compromised more than 4.1 billion records. Cybersecurity experts and IT workers can’t prevent every breach, ... Read More
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How AI Is Improving Threat Protection

Successful cybersecurity attacks can be so severe that they shut down business operations, erode the public’s trust in an organization and require substantial financial resources to go toward recovering. So, it’s crucial for the security professionals who work for those companies to continually invest in updated threat protection technologies. Artificial ... Read More
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disinformation deep fakes social engineering What Does Fake News Have to Do With Cybersecurity

What Does Fake News Have to Do With Cybersecurity? A Lot

We’ve all heard of the fake news phenomena, especially over the last few years. As understood by the general public, fake news spreads false stories shared on social media that intend to sway someone’s opinion about something, usually within the political sphere. However, fake news isn’t a new concept; rather, ... Read More
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SMBs cybercriminals business ransomware malware Kaseya 6 Ways Poor Cybersecurity Hurts Businesses

6 Ways Poor Cybersecurity Hurts Businesses

Cybersecurity is more than a buzzword today, and that’s for a good reason. Failing to have adequate cybersecurity measures could harm your business in ways you don’t expect. Here are six examples: Poor Security Has a Broad and Adverse Effect on Clients and Markets Your initial impression may be that ... Read More
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Blockchain Reality Check

Blockchain Reality Check: Which Promises Can It Keep?

A quick look at some of the news coverage about blockchain would likely give someone the impression that it’s a miraculous technology capable of solving myriad problems faced by various industries. But, which of the claims seem likely to hold? Blockchains are Unhackable One of the things about the blockchain ... Read More
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