Hackathons in Driving Cybersecurity Forward

The Role of Hackathons in Driving Cybersecurity Forward

Hackathons bring tech-savvy people together in a collaborative setting to solve problems, advance a technology or produce another type of positive outcome. One of the issues hackathons can address is cybersecurity. Here’s how they can aid the whole cybersecurity sector. Equipping Future Cybersecurity Specialists According to a 2018 study, the ... Read More
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FFE's Expansion to the U.S.

How the FFE’s Expansion to the U.S. Will Help Combat Financial Cyberattacks

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At the end of 2018, FINTRAIL Solutions and dozens of other security and technology firms made news by holding the first meeting of the U.S. chapter of the FinTech FinCrime Exchange, or FFE. A European chapter already exists, which makes the FFE’s Atlantic crossing something of a milestone in the ... Read More
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Cybersecurity Challenges We Can Stop

2 Cybersecurity Challenges We Can Stop Talking About, and 2 We Can’t

Cybersecurity is a perpetually hot topic. At certain points, however, it becomes evident it’s time to stimulate new conversations about subjects that require more focus and cease discussing others. Here are two examples of issues people can stop talking about, and two that need more discussion. Time to Stop Talking ... Read More
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Things to Know WPA3 Protocol

Best of 2018: 4 Things to Know About the WPA3 Protocol

As we close out 2018, we at Security Boulevard wanted to highlight the five most popular articles of the year. Following is the first in our weeklong series of the Best of 2018.  The Wi-Fi Alliance, the organization that certifies Wi-Fi networking standards, recently announced the WPA3 protocol, which is ... Read More
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Season Uptick in Spam and Phishing

‘Tis the Season … For an Uptick in Spam and Phishing

In some countries, the festive winter season comprising Christmas and New Year is called the “silly season” because of the high number of people “drunk posting”—consuming greater amounts of alcohol and then engaging in social media channels or other internet-based activities. In that state, they might not be sufficiently aware ... Read More
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Problem of Human Error in Cybersecurity

Solving the Problem of Human Error in Cybersecurity

When most folks think about cybersecurity problems at organizations, they often assume skilled black-hat hackers seeking valuable data and the chance to capture attention in the headlines did the deed. But there’s a rising trend of cybersecurity issues that result from mistakes humans make unintentionally. Until companies tackle the human ... Read More
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This D-Link Camera Has a Huge Security Flaw, According to Consumer Reports

Internet-enabled and IoT devices have made it possible to deploy a custom home security system. One can purchase many wireless security cameras, sensors and motion detectors and install them around their home or property. The beauty of a DIY system is that you do not need to purchase or set ... Read More

5 Risks We Face with E-Voting Technology

Technology brings with it a number of conveniences, but it also opens up opportunities for scammers and hackers to take advantage of people through tech fraud. That crime involves using technology in a variety of possible ways to mislead people, steal data, shut down systems and more. Increasingly over the ... Read More
How Secure Are Smart Security Systems

How Secure Are Smart Security Systems?

Smart security systems promise to simplify keeping homes and properties secure with artificial intelligence, remote views of active cameras, voice commands and more. But cybersecurity researchers also are find another feature of these systems: security weaknesses, which suggests smart security suites are not as locked down as purchasers may believe ... Read More
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What Is the US Doing to Keep Technology Safe?

Technology progresses rapidly. The government, infamously, does not. It takes a long time to pass new laws, making it difficult for cybersecurity to keep up-to-date with changing technologies. As of now, many new forms of technology are not tightly regulated. On the cybersecurity front, U.S. intelligence organizations need to work ... Read More