8 everyday technologies that can make you vulnerable to cyberattacks

The security vulnerabilities of the latest developments in tech have been well documented. But what about everyday technologies that have been around for a while or are widely adopted? Here are eight commonly-used tech conveniences that are not as ironclad as you might hope. Categories: FYI Tags: cyberattackcyberattackseveryday technologiessmart phonessmart ... Read More
Things to Know WPA3 Protocol

4 Things to Know About the WPA3 Protocol

 The Wi-Fi Alliance, the organization that certifies Wi-Fi networking standards, recently announced the WPA3 protocol, which is considered the newest way to secure devices that use wireless technology. Here are four things people need to know about the WPA3 Protocol and what it does. It Protects Against Brute Force Dictionary ... Read More
Security Boulevard

What’s causing the cybersecurity skills gap?

More than 50 percent of companies report problematic shortages in the security skills of their staff. What's causing the cybersecurity skills gap? And what are some potential solutions for closing it? Categories: Business Security world Tags: CISOcybersecurity skills gapprocess automationrecruitingskills gap (Read more...) The post What’s causing the cybersecurity skills ... Read More

Why tech companies wanted Senate Bill 315 vetoed

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Georgia Senate Bill 315 aimed to make all unauthorized access to computers illegal—sounds good, right? Read why provisions in its fine print made tech and security companies more than uncomfortable. Categories: FYI Tags: cybersecurity lawGeorgia legislatureSB-315senate bill 315 (Read more...) The post Why tech companies wanted Senate Bill 315 vetoed ... Read More