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6 Top Cybersecurity Conferences to Attend and Top Tips to Survive Travel in 2022

Cybersecurity professionals began 2022 just like we started 2021, with many unknowns and travel disruptions. Events are once again being rescheduled, shifted to hybrid and online formats, or canceled. We must accept constant change, even as we plan our 2022 conference calendar. In 2022 I plan to do the things ... Read More
7 Steps to Recognize and Combat Cyber Crime

7 Steps to Recognize and Combat Cyber Crime

Recognizing and combating cyber crime This is one of the most talked-about topics in the media and in the boardroom in recent years. It is a major problem and challenge for many organizations. The average dwell-time (average time before a company detects a cyber breach) is more than 200 days, ... Read More
2022 Cyber Predictions: Ransomware, Hacking eSports, and COVID Cleanup

2022 Cyber Predictions: Ransomware, Hacking eSports, and COVID Cleanup

In many ways, 2021 felt like an extra dose of 2020. Bright spots like COVID vaccines aside, most of us simply put our heads down and plowed ahead as the hits just kept coming. Responses to COVID accelerated digital transformation by as much as seven years, adding new tools and ... Read More

The 7 Deadly Privileged Accounts You MUST Discover, Manage, and Secure

Privileged accounts and privileged access are at the heart of every business today. They ensure that the IT team can administer and manage the organization’s systems, infrastructure, and software, and they enable employees to access the data that enables them to make critical business decisions. Not only are most businesses ... Read More
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An Ethical Hackers Guide to IoT Security Risks and Challenges: Part 2

This post is part of a series about IoT security risks and how you can minimize them. Read Part 1 here. Welcome to the second post in our series on the challenges associated with the Internet of Things (IoT).  In Part 1, An Ethical Hackers Guide to IoT Security Risks ... Read More
IoT used for Autonomous Vehicle in Mining

An Ethical Hacker’s Guide to IoT Security Risks and Challenges: Part 1

Welcome to the world of IoT (Internet of Things). More devices get connected online every minute, with more than 9-billion devices performing all sorts of tasks and automation. Every day, employees power up their devices and connect to the internet. They check the news, receive and respond to emails, chat ... Read More
20% have never changed their default passwords on privileged accounts

Back to Basics: Service Account Management 101

Service accounts don’t have to be a nightmare. Get them under control now. Service accounts are typically used in operating systems to execute applications or run programs, either in the context of system accounts (high privileged accounts without any password) or a specific user account, usually created manually or during ... Read More

Ransomware Mitigation: Where Do We Go From Here?

Following recent headlines surrounding cyber security, it’s reasonable to conclude that ransomware has rapidly become one of the biggest global threats our businesses and institutions face today. These attacks—which infiltrate our networks, lock up critical data, and demand a substantial ransom in cryptocurrency to restore vital information—have reached crisis proportions, especially ... Read More
Beyond Password Managers

Privileged Password Management 101: What exactly is PPM?

Let’s reduce password pain and move passwords into the background Passwords remain one of the top challenges and causes of cyber fatigue for employees. As we move more of our business and lives online this means the number of credentials needed to protect our identities continues to grow. Unfortunately, a ... Read More
Podcast: OT Security

Zero Trust for ICS/SCADA Systems

Society today is heavily dependent on critical infrastructure that mostly works behind the scenes such as power stations, oil refineries, agriculture operations, mining, water treatment, green energy, transportation, and manufacturing operations. These systems help deliver electricity to power our homes, recharge our phones and vehicles, deliver goods using just-in-time (JIT) ... Read More