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Games Drive Christmas Web Traffic

If you turned on a new game console and/or downloaded video games over the holidays, you certainly weren't alone. New data from Akamai shows that game-related traffic delivered across our network was more than double the Q4 average on December 25, and up nearly 50% on December 26. During the ... Read More
Launching a New Game Studio and Planning for Growth

Launching a New Game Studio and Planning for Growth

So, you're starting your own game studio. This is an incredible opportunity! You and your team get to start fresh and build the game of your dreams! But, let's be honest, if you have just founded your own game studio, odds are that you're not a technical architect. You may ... Read More

Death by a Thousand Cuts: Nuisance DDoS Attacks in the Games Industry

At Akamai, we talk a lot about DDoS attacks. It's because we're pretty good at handling them. We've stopped many of the world's biggest attacks. And, while less common, they get a lot of attention. But we can also stop the world's smallest attacks. And we stop lots of them ... Read More

How Criminals Attack the Games Industry

If you work in the video games industry, it's already obvious that security is a challenge, and criminals are a threat. But how much do you know about how the criminal economy works? What actually motivates them? What specific methods do they use? And how do they interact with one ... Read More

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