Stopping data loss is getting harder as Magecart attackers employ new techniques

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Web skimming attacks, such as those carried out by Magecart, made headlines in 2019 as major online businesses publicly disclosed attacks. While web skimming attacks aim to steal all types of sensitive personal data, such as social security numbers, email addresses, and passwords, Magecart attackers almost exclusively target websites with ... Read More

Did you avoid the Black Friday madness? Hackers didn’t.

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Kevin Mitnick, the world's most famous hacker, once broke into the computer of Tsutomu Shimomura on Christmas Day — Tsutomu was a computer researcher at the San Diego Supercomputer Center and was on a crusade to help capture the elusive Mr. Mitnick ... Read More

The Macy’s Magecart data breach: What you need to know to protect your customers

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Macy’s is the latest company to fall victim to the attack trend of web skimming — breaking into web apps to insert virtual skimmers into a websites’ JavaScript that steal sensitive data, such as passwords, credit card numbers, and social security numbers ... Read More

Bot mitigation could be the answer to your ATO worries

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Like most kids, my son has the Fortnite bug and is immersed in the incredibly popular platform game from Epic Games. Fortnite has been an immensely successful product, becoming the most revenue-driving game in history — Epic has made close to $4 billion from the game already. Its success has ... Read More

The APIs malicious hackers love to exploit

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Although they’ve been around since the dawn of web programming, application program interfaces — more commonly known as APIs — are a foundational tool for web developers. APIs can save time and resources while offering better end-user experiences, making them increasingly popular ... Read More

The importance of leveraging endpoint data for bot mitigation

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In the world of web applications, bots are nothing new — in fact, bots are almost as old as the Internet itself. Without bots, search engines like Google wouldn’t exist, especially when you consider that today’s indexed web is over 6 billion pages ... Read More

Cyber attackers are getting smarter — here’s how to protect yourself

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As businesses improve security, cyber attackers find new weak points and online attacks evolve. Today’s web apps use numerous third-party scripts — expanding the security perimeter to include the browser and leaving businesses without a true end-to-end security solution in place vulnerable to attack ... Read More
What your business can learn from the Capital One data breach

What your business can learn from the Capital One data breach

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The security world is always changing and the latest news is the Capital One data breach affecting the personal information of over 100M customers. Recently, the world learned about the indictment of Paige Thompson, resulting from alleged activities where she was able to break into and obtain large caches of ... Read More