Cybersecurity Is a Board-Level Issue

Cybersecurity Is a Board-Level Issue

I’m excited to share that JC2 Ventures has increased its investment in Balbix as part of the company’s Series C funding round. Balbix is the cybersecurity posture automation company that uses AI to help organizations reduce their risk of cyberattacks and breaches. I believe in Balbix’s future as a disruptive ... Read More
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Remote work is here to stay — cybersecurity needs to catch up

I have long believed that digital transformation allows enterprises to quickly recognize and adapt to market transitions – which is key to gaining market share and breaking away from competitors. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the grand work-from-home experiment has further demonstrated the benefits of a digital-first mindset. Companies that already ... Read More
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The importance of trust in leading a market transition

As I wrote in my book Connecting the Dots, trust is one of a company’s two most important assets (the other is information). For a company looking to lead a market transition, establishing trust is a bit like the old chicken and egg dilemma: The company can’t earn trust without ... Read More
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The Piece of Hardware at the Cutting Edge of Cybersecurity

By John Chambers, Founder and CEO of JC2 Ventures and former CEO and Chairman of Cisco As a mentor, investor, and longtime player in the tech industry, I’m frequently asked which market segments I’m betting big on over the coming decade. My knack for spotting market transitions and the technologies ... Read More

Voice is the Next Interface, But What Does That Mean for Mobile Security?

By John Chambers, Founder and CEO of JC2 Ventures and former CEO and Chairman of Cisco Ten years ago, I would have said that voice was an interface of the past. Yet today, the voice revolution is well underway and it’s becoming clear that voice will, in fact, be the ... Read More

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