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Balancing Autonomy and Control in API Security with Token Swapping

The question of how much control to retain versus how much to give up is something that occupies the minds of parents, management consultants, and often coaches. A high level of control helps achieve specific objectives, but, at the same time, it may lead to a complex bureaucracy that slows ... Read More

API Security: Awareness and Moderation are Key

A Buddhist approach towards addressing the uncertainty of API Security 2500 years ago, light was shed on the philosophy of moderation. It was the key to health and happiness as taught in Buddhism. Similarly, this approach also applies to our reckless world of technology. Take the API economy, for example ... Read More

API Security: Applying the Separation of Concerns Design Principle

You may have been wondering what a clever person like Edsger Dijkstra would have considered the best way to approach API security. You aren't the only one. Start by checking out our latest video on API security before we dive into what’s needed for API security and identity integration with ... Read More

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