A/B Testing, Now with EdgeKV

Now that we've written the framework of our code, let's layer in EdgeKV (EKV), our distributed key-value store database. Before getting started, we recommend downloading and installing the EdgeKV command-line interface (CLI) to use for these examples. You may also want to review the documentation of the EKV data model ... Read More

Building an A/B Test with EdgeWorkers and EdgeKV

When paired with our new EdgeKV distributed key-value database, the Akamai EdgeWorkers serverless platform gives you the ability to do powerful things at the CDN level. One common application using these two products is an A/B test: showing users one of two variants of the same webpage to determine which ... Read More

Serverless Storage at the Edge (EdgeKV Beta)

We are pleased to announce the launch of EdgeKV, our distributed key-value store, into beta! EdgeKV is enabling technology for EdgeWorkers, our serverless computing platform that enables developers to create services using JavaScript and deploy them across our platform. When writing JavaScript, data persistence is often necessary to save data ... Read More

Edge Redirector Cloudlet Gets Faster

Cloudlets Policy Manager often takes a long time to load, which is a by-product of its original design where every policy activation is an individual file. These files must be moved around the network, and as you might imagine, transferring thousands of files in a multi-tenant network can take a ... Read More

What’s the Value of a Key-Value Store?

A database back end for your application is vital, and odds are that your database is a relational database or a "not only SQL" (NoSQL) database. Relational databases have dominated the software industry for decades, even as other technologies have radically changed around it. A relational database management system (RDBMS) ... Read More
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Verify JWT With JSON Web Key Set (JWKS) in API Gateway

JSON Web Tokens (JWT) use digital signatures to establish the authenticity of the data they contain, as well as authenticating the identity of the signer. A valid signature check ensures that any party can rely on the contents and the ... Read More