Voter Records Available on Hacker Forum

35 Million U.S. Voter Records Available for Sale on Hacker Forum

News last week that voter records belonging to some 35 million U.S. residents is being offered for sale on a dark web marketplace has raised fresh concerns about identity theft and potential voter fraud just weeks before November’s midterm elections. Researchers from Anomali and threat intelligence firm Intel471 said the ... Read More
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The Implications of US-CERT's Concerns of Russia Targeting Critical Infrastructure

The Implications of US-CERT’s Concerns of Russia Targeting Critical Infrastructure

A US-CERT warning about Russian government activity targeting energy companies and other organizations has elevated concerns about the vulnerability of U.S. critical infrastructure sectors to damaging cyber attacks. Many see the alert as validating, at the highest level, longstanding suspicions about nation state actors having access to critical industrial control systems ... Read More
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Security Strategies Inertia Attack

Security Strategies: Companies Prone to Inertia, Even Post-Attack

Contrary to what some might expect, some organizations rarely change their security strategies even after a cyberattack. That’s the main finding of a recent survey of 1,300 IT security decision-makers. The survey, conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of CyberArk, showed enterprises generally are acutely aware of the heightened risks ... Read More
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Looming Enterprise IoT Security Threat

The Looming Enterprise IoT Security Threat

| | iot, IoT Security, Malware
Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) botnets are not the only threat organizations need to worry about when it comes to the internet of things (IoT). The Mirai attacks of 2016 engendered a pretty broad understanding of how botnets assembled from ordinary consumer IoT devices can be used to launch crippling DDoS attacks ... Read More
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Growing Mobile Menace Enterprises

The Growing Mobile Menace For Enterprises

Mobile devices typically have not been the most common attack-vector in data breaches, but now isn’t the time to underestimate the risk they pose to enterprise security. Developments over the past year suggest that attacks and threats directed at mobile devices are growing. Malware authors are building more tools for ... Read More
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DDoS Attacks Evolve Threat

DDoS Attacks Evolve, Remain a Potent Threat

| | cyberthreats, ddos
Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks continue to evolve, and will remain a major threat to most organizations for the foreseeable future. A combination of factors is driving the trend, including the emergence of IoT and mobile botnets, the easy availability of for-hire services in criminal marketplaces and an increase ... Read More
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Ransomware Tools Attacks

Ransomware Tools, Attacks Become More Business-Focused

Ransomware eclipsed most other cyberthreats in 2017 and has emerged as one of the most pressing security concerns for organizations today. Highlighting the trend are attacks such as the recent attack on Hancock Health of Greenfield, Indiana, which resulted in the hospital paying $55,000 in bitcoins to recover data that ... Read More
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