Blog-ified Tweetstorm

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I dumped this on Twitter as a tweetstorm, but it is worth sharing here in one place. Those who have followed me for a while have probably noticed that I rarely get technical here anymore. My world, and world view have changed. I still play with stuff, but it tends ... Read More

Doing it wrong, or “us and them”

I was arguing with the wiring in a little RV over the weekend and it was the typical RV mix of automotive wiring, household wiring, and What The Expletive wiring. I fell back to my auto mechanic days and set about chasing the demons through the wires. Basic diagnostics: separate, ... Read More

I thought everyone knew this by now

But apparently not. I just saw some “Security Awareness Training” that gave the bad old advice of “look for the padlock” in your web browser. Here’s my answer to that: In a world where most of us face a constant threat from phishing we need to better educate folks, and ... Read More

Where’s Jack?

As I mentioned in a post earlier this year I am traveling extensively this year, connecting and reconnecting with a lot of people. And thanks to a lot of wonderful people inside and out of the hacker and security communities I am doing very well after a rough few months ... Read More

On loss and responsibility

We have lost more great figures in our world of InfoSec, and we are diminished by their loss. Spaf has written eloquently on the passing of Kevin Ziese, Howard Schmidt, and Becky Bace. I never met Kevin, and I only met Howard a couple of times, but I know of ... Read More

What upsets Troy Hunt about conferences

Getting back to my normal territory here- In case you missed it, in late December Troy Hunt posted 10 Ways for a conference to Upset their speakers on his blog. I mostly agree with Troy’s list and it adds to my series of rants about conferences from last fall. It’s ... Read More

A few words about ovarian cancer

Cancer sucks. The number of people who are touched by cancer is terrifying, it is rare to find someone who hasn’t had friends or family attacked by cancer if they’ve avoided it themselves. Sometimes, as with my bladder cancer, it’s not that bad- for me I get a rather uncomfortable ... Read More

“Thank you” is not enough

A few weeks ago I made a very personal, and very public announcement- that I had lost my wife to cancer a few days before Christmas. I debated how to share the news, especially since we had largely kept it quiet- she was as private a person as I am ... Read More

Wrong About Presentations

But first- this series is a bit off-the-cuff and lacking in polish, but I’ve been meaning to do it for ages and if I wait, well, this blog continues to look abandoned. So please forgive the rambling and read on. Today let’s start talking about presentations. I have heard and ... Read More

Relevant to my rants

Before I resume my rambling on conferences and presentations, here’s a great article I came across via Tales of the Cocktail, a site you would expect me to link to from my, ahem, travel blog. This article is specifically about submitting a cocktail seminar to Tales of the Cocktail, but ... Read More