Avoiding Cyber Illnesses while Improving the Health of Your Security Portfolio

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There are many parallels between cybersecurity and healthcare. Some are as simple as shared terminology — virus, infection, containment, etc. — while others are as complex as the architecture and epidemiology of each. Just as hospitals and doctors stay informed about new illnesses, treatment recommendations, and preventative care, so must ... Read More

Understanding Managed Detection and Response, and Choosing Your Provider

On November 17th, Dave Gruber, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) will join me as we lead a discussion on managed detection and response (MDR). Our goal is to help our audience make fully informed decisions on the best providers and security outcomes to meet their goals. Within 30 ... Read More

Effective Security Communication

Jack Danahy, SVP of Security and Chief Evangelist for Alert Logic, shares a simple, proven method for effective communication that will help security professionals achieve their preferred outcomes ... Read More

Threat Hunting and MDR Clearly Required, but is it Tenet #8?

A recap of a Twitter chat between Jack Danahy and Tom Gorup on the role of threat hunting in MDR and whether it should be counted as Tenet #8 of the MDR Manifesto ... Read More

There Will Always Be Successful Attacks Which Is Why There Must Be MDR

Alert Logic conducted a series of 7 webcasts focused on the essential tenets of managed detection and response (MDR). The first focuses on the need for MDR because no amount of investing in cybersecurity will ever prevent all attacks ... Read More
3 Business Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Slashing Security Right Now

3 Business Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Slashing Security Right Now

Some companies are cutting back on security in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its affect on the economy, but there are sound business reasons why security should not be the first thing to be reduced ... Read More

Defining Required Capabilities for Managed Detection and Response

Managed detection and response (MDR) is gaining momentum, but there is confusion about what it actually is. The MDR Manifesto was created to provide a definition and foundation for the basic capabilities MDR should provide ... Read More

The Biggest Gap in Cybersecurity is Empathy

Cybersecurity vendors focus on the threat landscape and developing tools and solutions to defend against it, but the real secret to better cybersecurity is empathy--and understanding why users do what they do ... Read More

Security Lessons from a Division 1 Football Coach

Jack Danahy, SVP, Security for Alert Logic reflects on the message and lessons shared by Coach Dan McCarney--a former Division 1 college football coach--and how those lessons can be applied to the world of cybersecurity ... Read More

Geopolitical Cyberstress? Doublecheck Your Basics

With tensions escalating on the global political front, organizations are concerned and wondering what--if anything--they can do to protect their networks and data from being targeted or becoming collateral damage in potential cyber attacks ... Read More