Preparing enterprise networks for destructive Russian cyber attacks

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Russia's invasion of Ukraine in full force very likely will topple the Ukrainian government and give Putin the option of putting in power a government and leader that he can control.  Putin sees this invasion as a great opportunity to increase divisions within the NATO alliance and other European nations.  ... Read More

Russian invasion: ongoing updates of cyber actions to track

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Editor's Note: This blog will be updated regularly by the IronNet threat research team. Since November 2021, Russian troops have been building up at the Ukrainian border, worrying many of an imminent invasion as the conflict escalated. Last night, our worries became reality.  In a national address, which coincided with ... Read More

Beware of fake notices of package delivery: Emails and phone calls and texts, oh my!

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The coronavirus pandemic has upended global delivery systems as countries around the world have shut their borders and companies reduce their workforce. The problem has been compounded by the fact that millions are stuck at home with extra time, ordering hundreds of dollars worth of goods. As we continue through ... Read More

IronNet’s top 10 predictions for 2022

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Well, it’s safe to say that the past 12 months have been unprecedented for the cybersecurity community. From the aftermath of SolarWinds and the Colonial Pipeline attack to the developing Log4j crisis, the chaos of 2021 affected all corners of the cyber world. With 2022 on the horizon, we brought ... Read More

Cloud (in)security: Avoiding common cloud misconfigurations

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In 2020, digital transformation across all sectors accelerated at lightning speed out of sheer necessity. As a result of this collective cloud scramble, security likely took a back seat to the urgent need to pivot to a fully remote workforce during the height of the pandemic.  ... Read More

4 key takeaways from Biden’s Executive Order on cybersecurity

From the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, to more recently Solar Winds, cyber threats and attacks are on the rise. That’s why at the end of June, the Biden Administration released an Executive Order outlining key strategies to improve the nation’s response, particularly when it comes to securing critical infrastructure.  ... Read More

Colonial Pipeline attack: detecting ransomware before the demand

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On May 7, Colonial Pipeline became yet another victim of a ransomware attack. According to Bloomberg, the attackers siphoned nearly 100GB of data from Colonial Pipeline's IT side of the house before locking some of its computers and servers, ultimately demanding an undisclosed ransom. The attackers threatened to leak the ... Read More

Who’s responsible for cloud security?

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Without question, there has been noted fallout from rapid cloud migration. Gartner estimates that by 2022, Cloud Security Provider (CSP) customers will be at fault for at least 95% of cloud security failures. As the Gartner analyst Kasey Panetta explains, “The challenge exists not in the security of the cloud ... Read More

Better detection from endpoint to network: IronNet partners with CrowdStrike

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In our mission to transform cybersecurity through Collective Defense, we are pleased to announce our technology partnership and integration with leading endpoint protection provider CrowdStrike. This powerful combination allows organizations to apply the unique capabilities of both platforms together to see more broadly across the cyber threat landscape — and ... Read More

4 steps toward data minimization in IronNet’s Collective Defense platform

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Both public and private sector stakeholders have been calling for Collective Defense in cybersecurity for quite some time. The long-standing fear that data sharing places data privacy and data security at risk, however, makes many companies reluctant to adopt this new model of cyber defense. But the reality is that ... Read More