Pre Windows 2000 Compatible Access properties

Understanding the Risks of Pre-Windows 2000 Compatibility Settings in Windows 2022

The number and scope of confusing and risky security settings in Active Directory are becoming better known with every new cyberattack. While it’s true that many of these vulnerabilities can be attributed to risky configurations that have accumulated in legacy environments over time, IT teams still need to watch for ... Read More
Now’s the Time to Rethink Active Directory Security

Now’s the Time to Rethink Active Directory Security

Note: This article was first published in the July 2021 issue of the monthly newsletter  Security Networking, and appears here with the permission of the publisher.      Winding back the clock 21 years to the turn of the millennium would be a strange experience, given the world we live ... Read More

How to Defend Against Active Directory Attacks That Leave No Trace

Cybercriminals are using new tactics and techniques to gain access to Active Directory in novel ways, making their attacks even more dangerous—and more necessary to detect.  One of the most important parts of any cybersecurity strategy is detection. Having an ability to spot the bad guy entering, moving about, or worse—administering—your network is ... Read More