Meeting Customer Security Needs along Their Security Maturity Journey

Security is not only a technology problem. It’s also a people problem The impact in mean time to respond (MTTR) is increasing as a direct result of a lack of time to investigate every alert New MDR services are designed to help customers instantly up-level their incident response capabilities ... Read More

Is Security Everyone’s Business?

There is no security silver bullet Review of the complete attack timeline of Cobalt Strike Layered defenses need to work together ... Read More

Bromium Customers Praise Fast, Easy Deployment

“Easy to deploy and easy to use!” Every software vendor seems to use this slogan to assure prospects that once they purchase the license, the rest of the journey is going to be a breeze, and the client is going to recover their investment in no time through saving delivered ... Read More

Protection First Strategy: Application Isolation as the Last Line of Defense

Endpoint security is a top priority for enterprise organizations and government agencies, but despite gains in detection-based tools, cybercriminals continue to find ways to bypass layered defenses Relying on detection-based solutions alone will not protect your systems and infrastructure from attacks New approaches, such as virtualization, can provide the desperately ... Read More

We have Answers: Questions from the “Validating the Known” Webinar with IDC

Featured speaker Frank Dickson, IDC Research Director for Security Products, presented his new research: “Validating the Known: A Different Approach to Cybersecurity” He discussed why detection of malicious code can no longer protect your IT systems against cyberattacks Frank showed how new tactics based on “validating the known” can help ... Read More