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Is a 10-Year-Old Facebook Technology the Future of Cloud Security?

In the pantheon of semi-obscure open source tools, osquery is one that deserves a closer look from most security professionals. It’s easy to see why this old Facebook tool that was originally used to query operating system data has flown under the radar. Initially, it was used to improve the ... Read More
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Announcing the osquery@scale Conference

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Osquery has become a popular tooling for endpoint-based security analytics. The user community is thriving and vibrant as reflected in GitHub security showcase and osquery slack channel activity. There are many organizations, large and small, who are using it for a wide-variety of use cases. There are anecdotal references to ... Read More

Performant Osquery – Enterprise-grade Osquery at Scale Considerations

In this blog post I’ll cover osquery’s ability to provide performant behavior and its capabilities to excel at enterprise grade requirements. Many observations covered in this blog will highlight various capabilities of osquery that should aid in your journey toward an enterprise-grade osquery deployment ... Read More

Osquery Security Use Cases and Solutions

Osquery has become a popular source of instrumentation for a wide variety of use cases. On github security showcase, it is currently among the top most popular open source security projects. Given the popularity, a recurring question is what use cases can one address with osquery in an enterprise environment? ... Read More

How Osquery Will Change The Fragmented Security Market

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The Current State of Enterprise Security: Fragmentation and Fatigue In a recent blog post, we discussed some of the issues with proprietary agents and the challenges they pose to enterprises. For example, most security solutions deploy separate and proprietary agents for audit/compliance, threat detection, vulnerability detection and incident response ... Read More

Reflecting on Uptycs Series A Milestone

Today, we announced our $10M Series A funding led by ForgePoint Capital and Comcast Ventures. Read the press release here. Three years ago a conversation - over coffee and in the company of my co-founders – changed the trajectory of my entrepreneurial journey. We were discussing how fragmentation is a ... Read More