The Treachery of Files and Two New Tools that Tame It. Evan Sultanik, Empire Hacking December 2019

libmagic: The Blathering

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By Evan Sultanik, Principal Security Engineer A couple of years ago we released PolyFile: a utility to identify and map the semantic structure of files, including polyglots, chimeras, and schizophrenic files. It’s a bit like file, binwalk, and Kaitai Struct all rolled into one. PolyFile initially used the TRiD definition ... Read More
What does your code use, and is it vulnerable? It-depends!

What does your code use, and is it vulnerable? It-depends!

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You just cloned a fresh source code repository and want to get a quick sense of its dependencies. Our tool, it-depends, can get you there. We are proud to announce the release of it-depends, an open-source tool for automatic enumeration of dependencies. You simply point it to a source code ... Read More
What is a File Format?

PDF is Broken: a justCTF Challenge

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Trail of Bits sponsored the recent justCTF competition, and our engineers helped craft several of the challenges, including D0cker, Go-fs, Pinata, Oracles, and 25519. In this post we’re going to cover another of our challenges, titled PDF is broken, and so is this file. It demonstrates some of the PDF ... Read More
An example of Graphtage's diff output

Graphtage: A New Semantic Diffing Tool

Graphtage is a command line utility and underlying library for semantically comparing and merging tree-like structures such as JSON, JSON5, XML, HTML, YAML, and TOML files. Its name is a portmanteau of “graph” and “graftage” (i.e., the horticultural practice of joining two trees together so they grow as one). Read ... Read More
BSidesPhilly cg09 File Polyglottery or This Proof of Concept is Also a Picture of Cats Evan Sultanik

Two New Tools that Tame the Treachery of Files

Parsing is hard, even when a file format is well specified. But when the specification is ambiguous, it leads to unintended and strange parser and interpreter behaviors that make file formats susceptible to security vulnerabilities. What if we could automatically generate a “safe” subset of any file format, along with ... Read More
Anatomy of an Unsafe Smart Contract Programming Language

Empire Hacking: Ethereum Edition 2

On December 12, over 150 attendees joined a special, half-day Empire Hacking to learn about pitfalls in smart contract security and how to avoid them. Thank you to everyone who came, to our superb speakers, and to BuzzFeed for hosting this meetup at their office. Watch the presentations again It’s ... Read More

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