Zero Reasons not to Move to Zero Trust with RASP

What is Zero Trust?  Zero Trust is a security methodology that enterprises are rapidly adopting to enhance data protection by reducing the sole reliance on traditional perimeter-based protections.  Traditionally, cybersecurity strategies have relied on a hardened perimeter with security tools like firewalls and WAFs, that were implemented in a layered-defense ... Read More
RASP Configuration

How DevOps can protect cloud applications from cyberattacks

Many organizations today are moving away from centralized on-prem operations and towards highly scalable cloud solutions such as Amazon’s AWS Lambda functionality. This provides cost-saving benefits and reduces the overall management of an enterprise tech stack.   Cloud computing architecture also enables DevOps departments to handle application management, allowing DevOps to ... Read More

The role of runtime protection in eCommerce security

What is e-commerce security? E-commerce security is the set of guidelines that are designed to allow safe transactions on the web. These guidelines include steps and protocols that help protect the sale and purchase of goods and services online. Appropriate e-commerce security measures boost consumer confidence by protecting their Personal ... Read More