Dennis Goodlett, Author at Security Boulevard

Offensive Security: Dennis’ Review of the OSED Certification

Offensive Security Exploit Developer Certification I recently took the “Windows User Mode Exploit Development” class and subsequently passed the Offensive Security Exploit Developer (OSED) certification. If you are thinking about taking the same class or are curious about what it entails, this blog post should clear some things up.  Windows ... Read More

Learning Binary Reversing: Radare2 vs. GDB

I’ve seen this question a few times: is it better to learn Radare2 (r2) or GNU Debugger (GDB)? The short answer is you should learn both. The long answer depends on what you are really asking. I usually see this question posed when someone wants to learn binary reverse engineering ... Read More

R2con 2020 Review

The first international congress for Radare was held in 2016 to mark the ten year anniversary of the project. Although this was supposed to be a one-time event, the Radare community has a very “why not” attitude–as in“why not” have another one (a thought likely spurred on by someone like ... Read More