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Industrial Spy: Selling Stolen Data to Competitors

| | Ransomware
Industrial Spy is a new way of selling stolen data of victims to competitors. Companies can buy their competitors’ trade secrets for millions of dollars – or as little as $2 ... Read More

Beyond the Ransom: The True Cost of Ransomware Attacks

| | Ransomware
The True Cost of Ransomware Attacks highlights the downtime costs, reputational damage and the cost of new security implementations when trying to recover from a ransomware attack ... Read More

Independence Health System cares for the community with BlackFog

| | case-study
Independence Health System cares for the community with BlackFog ... Read More

AE Works Designing better Security with BlackFog

| | case-study
AE Works is an award-winning building design and consulting firm. We interview them on why they chose BlackFog to transform their cybersecurity protection and implement anti data exfiltration ... Read More

Data Exfiltration 101: How Threat Actors Compromise Networks

Data exfiltration 101 describes the types of attacks that lead to data exfiltration and why 83% of all attacks rely on it as the primary vector ... Read More

The New Insider Threat: Are ransomware groups recruiting your employees?

| | Ransomware
Ransomware groups are using increasingly sophisticated technology and infrastructure to carry out attacks while adopting new tactics to pressurize their victims such as recruiting your employees ... Read More
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Ransomware Group Tactics in 2022

| | Ransomware
The cybercrime landscape is changing, and ransomware group tactics are shifting accordingly On January 14th, 2022, Russian authorities announced they had dismantled REvil, the aggressive ransomware groups that made headlines after successfully attacking Colonial Pipeline. Several of its leading members were arrested in a large-scale operation that took place over ... Read More

Ransomware as a Service: Industrialized Cybercrime is the New Normal

| | Ransomware
Industrialized cybercrime, critical infrastructure attacks and sky-high ransoms are just the beginning of ransomware as a service business models ... Read More

BlackFog Welcomes David Schnurstein as Director of Threat Intelligence

| | Press Release
Former Police Captain and Commander for the Grand Rapids, MI Police Department to support forensic investigations for anti data exfiltration leader ... Read More

BlackFog Scoops 4 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

| | Press Release
BlackFog recognized with gold and bronze awards in four categories in the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards ... Read More