Boeing Citrix Bleed Exploitation

LockBit Ransomware Affiliates Leverage Citrix Bleed Vulnerability (CVE-2023-4966)

| | Exploits, Ransomware
Citrix Bleed is being leveraged by LockBit ransomware affiliates to compromise organizations using CVE-2023-4966 ... Read More
triada malware

Impact of Badbox and Peachpit Malware on Android Devices

| | Exploits
Explores the Badbox and Peachpit malware on Android devices and home networks which granted illegitimate users backdoor access ... Read More
ashley madison leak

How Data Exfiltration is Changing the Ransomware Landscape

| | Ransomware
An exponential rise in data exfiltration is changing the ransomware landscape afflicting over 91% of all attacks ... Read More
2023 State of Ransomware Report Summary

2023 Ransomware Attack Report

| | Ransomware, research
The 2023 ransomware attack report summarizes the major changes we saw in ransomware trends and tactics by geography, sector and variant ... Read More
Dual Ransomware Attacks

Dual Ransomware Attacks: A Quicker Route to Extortion

| | Ransomware
Dual ransomware attacks are the latest trend by threat actors whereby they send a secondary strain after the initial compromise has been successful ... Read More
Ransomware Trends in 2023 Small Business Cyberattack

The 6 Key Ransomware Trends of 2023

| | Ransomware
Ransomware trends of 2023 include supply chain attacks, double extortions, law enforcement actions and challenges for the regulators ... Read More
Polycrypt Crypter Static

PolyCrypt Runtime Crypter Being Sold On Cybercrime Forums

| | Exploits
We discuss the use of crypters and more specifically Polycrypt and how it can be used to evade detection and infect victims ... Read More
Top 10 Ransomware Groups of 2023 LockBit

The Top 10 Ransomware Groups of 2023

| | Ransomware
The top 10 ransomware groups of 2023 discusses their methods, impact on the global economy and insights into groups like LockBit, BlackCat, and Clop ... Read More
trigona ransomware

The Top 5 Ransomware Takedowns

| | Ransomware
We discuss the latest ransomware takedowns in the fight against ransomware as law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity organizations successfully disrupt operations, seize infrastructure, and safeguard victims from further attacks ... Read More

EU Whistleblower Act: Organizations Must Protect Whistleblowers

| | data exfiltration
With the new EU whistleblower act, organizations that fail to protect whistleblowers may face fines and suffer data leaks ... Read More