Trusted Data Analytics for Effective Decision-Making

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In 2006, Tampa Bay (then Devil) Rays’ Manager Joe Maddon had an idea. He had noticed in his pregame sabermetrics and analytics review, that David Ortiz, the Red Sox slugger, had a tendency to hit the ball to the right side of the field much more than to the left ... Read More

A Controlled and Happy Family

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This August, my wife and I are expecting our first child. We are very excited and thankful that it is really happening. Doing the research that we’ve done has made me really think about the parent-child relationship. The parent-child relationship changes forms throughout stages of life. As a fetus, the ... Read More

The Evolving Levels of Effort

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Many years ago, in order to clean a used shirt, people would take a basket down to the river and let the flowing water soak through it. They would then hang it on a rock, and let the sun take care of the drying. At a later stage, when soap ... Read More

Cybertech Tel Aviv 2019: The Pregame Show

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We asked our staff who will be at Cybertech what they are most looking forward to at Cybertech Tel Aviv 2019: Zak Rubinstein, CEO: "I think the most exciting thing when I go to these conferences is meeting customers and investors. With how busy this industry is, it's nice to ... Read More

C is For Cookie and Compliance

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I was checking out a certain website the other night (which I won’t call out here) when a peculiar message popped up. I’ve noticed many different layouts and versions of “Our website uses third-party tracking and cookies, to learn about it click here”, but this one was in its own ... Read More